The video game industry recently had its best year in 2019, with overall video game sales exceeding $49 billion and the industry as a whole exceeding $100 billion in gross revenues. 2019 also marked the first year that the World Health Organization officially declared Video Gaming Disorder as an official mental health diagnosis.

Video games have proven to be a great form of entertainment since their inception. Some games have even proven to improve cognitive and problem-solving skills for those who play them. However, there is an addictive side to video games as well. As video games continue to become more and more popular, the habits of those who play them have become more sedentary. In some cases, the habits can begin to form an addiction to video games that is very hard to break from.

Greenfield Recovery Center has gathered some statistics to show just how much some gamers are spending their time in front of the screen.

Greenfield-Infographic (1)


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