Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At the Greenfield Recovery Center, we encourage socialization. Therefore, you can expect to have two to three roommates. Each room is comfortably furnished with a twin bed and dresser space for each person. There are two full bathrooms and one-half bathrooms.  Additionally, we do have an onsite laundry facility.

Participants at the Greenfield Recovery Center will attend a minimum of three individual sessions each week. Additionally, there are many group sessions throughout the week. Clients will also participate in family therapy via phone conference once per week. EMDR sessions may be utilized as well.

View the sample schedule here.

Yes, Participant will receive their current prescription medications while in treatment. We ask that clients bring medication in the original bottles; renewals can be called into CVS in Greenfield, MA (413) 774-7201 or Walgreens (413) 773-3801.

Each Participant will be supplied with a lockbox to safely store your medications. The locked box will remain under the control and responsibility of each Participant. Greenfield Recovery Center will NOT be responsible for storing, administering, or managing medication; it will be each Participants responsibility to manage his or her own medications.

You may bring personal clothing, toiletries (not containing alcohol) and other items that will help you feel more at home at the Greenfield Recovery Center. Towels and linens will be provided for you. Participants are responsible for laundering their personal belongings, and linens will be laundered by staff.

You can find a detailed list of what to bring here.

We believe family is an important part of the treatment process. Initially, we ask that family give their loved one time to focus on his needs and acclimate to the treatment program.

For the first week in the program, participants will not be able to make phone calls as they are getting acclimated and settling into programming. After the first week, participants will receive daily phone privileges contingent on participation in groups and therapy. Phone calls are limited to 20 minutes long, and calls will be made from a landline in the residence.

At the Greenfield Recovery Center, we focus on helping family members understand the role they play in their loved one’s addiction and their necessary steps needed to support them in achieving tech-life balance and recovery.

Families can expect a phone call within 24 hours from the participant’s primary therapist. Families will then schedule a weekly call to discuss the participant’s progress. There will also be the option for weekly family therapy sessions as well.

Participant communication devices including, but not limited to, cell phones, Smartphones, iPads, laptops, tablets, will be collected upon admission and placed in secure storage until Participant has completed the program and/or is permitted moderated and limited use as per care team and Participant’s progress in the program.

Families should plan on staying for two hours to assist with the enrollment and admissions process.

The treatment modalities used at the Greenfield Recovery Center include: Motivational    Interviewing, Motivational Enhancement/Harm Reduction, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Individual Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, and EMDR. We are addressing their technology addiction; however, just as in all addiction’s anxiety, depression, ADHD, and other issues can be co-occurring and may be a contributing factors or effects from their addiction. Although the primary focus is their technology addiction, the treatment approach will include the Participant being exposed to and learning a variety of coping skills will address these issues as well.

They have Community Group, Social Skills Group, Digital Wellness group, and Yoga/Mindfulness Monday through Friday. There will also be other specialty groups integrated into the program as well as different retreat activities.

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