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Summer Intensive Program

Summer Intensive Program

We understand that the recent pandemic has added another layer to the dependency on screens. During this time, more young adults have become dependent on them for work, school, and social connections. At the same time has limited access to social, recreation, and other community outlets that help balance our technology use. For those already feeling trapped in technology, this increase may make them feel they are losing the battle.

The Greenfield Recovery Center has modified our program to fit into a tailored six-week therapeutic experience solely focused on Internet and Gaming Addiction. The program is designed and led by Dr. David Greenfield, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and internationally known expert on Internet and Technology addiction.  The goal of the experience is to prepare young men battling video game addiction or compulsive technology use in finding a healthy tech-life balance before returning to school or work.

Our program uses a four-phase process during a six-week period to help participants plug back into life.

Our Process

Week 1 & 2

Phase 1: Defeating the Dragon: During the “digital detox”, participants are removed from access to screens and reintroduced to the naturalistic rewards of real-time living. By engaging qualified clinical partners, combined with technology addiction experts, Participants learn to rebalance their mind, body, and emotions.

Week 3 & 4

Phase 2: Exploring the Labyrinth: The engagement in active social interaction, communication, real-time activities, and education during Phase 2 helps Participants learn how to manage stress and how to avoid triggers and urges around technology use.

Week 5

Phase 3: Leveling Up:  Participants are gradually weaned from the structure of previous phases and assume semi-independent responsibilities and have some reintroduction to technology use while still experiencing support in the Summer Intensive Program.

Week 6

Phase 4: Winning at Life: As the program concludes, Participants engage in discharge planning, structured aftercare, and begin to resume a more balanced life, which might include work, school, social activities, and healthy self-care.

Summer Program Activities

Regular programming will continue and be available for this requiring extended stay. For participants requiring regular programming during the Summer Intensive Program, we can tailor their experience.

The 6-week therapeutic experience allows for time to focus on the present and healthy life skills and normal interactions. Combined with activities supporting independent living, the natural environment of the Greenfield Recovery Center allows Participants to be immersed in nature and outdoor experiential activities as a healthy alternative to technology.

  • Hiking and nature walks
  • Cooking and nutrition
  • Daily living and self-care skills
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Group Activities
  • Social Skill Training

Enrollment Criteria

  • Exclusively designed for males
    • 16-17 years old – Preparing for graduation
    • 18-26 years old – Preparing for return to college or work


Application and Assessment Fee: $1,000 once accepted into the program.

Weekly Cost: $3,400 includes meals, housing, all program materials, and treatment costs.

Are you ready to build a bridge to back to school, work, and real connections?