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Our Specialized Programs

At the Greenfield Recovery Center, our staff are responsible for evaluating and ensuring the needs of our participants are provided for 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Recovery Coaches work with participants in a variety of regularly scheduled group sessions that are intended to help provide participants the social interaction needed to overcome their addiction.

The Digital Wellness Group assists participants in identifying triggers that can be problematic to use, which can help in developing a realistic relapse prevention plan. Our staff works with participants to acquire and strengthen their problem solving and coping skills that will help them in successfully managing compulsive use. The group provides a positive and supportive atmosphere to introduce participants to tactics and methods to ameliorate “cravings,” and re-engage in purposeful, enjoyable social connectedness.

The community meeting is a structured, task-oriented meeting that allows participants time to resolve conflicts among peers or staff. By observing, staff members can become aware of any issues, problems or changes, and can address community-wide items and make announcements of any changes in schedule or routine.

The program offers instruction in both yoga and meditation that assists participants in practicing the discipline of self-soothing and centering of thoughts. Additionally, mindfulness helps participants to isolate and overcome cravings and triggers.

Technology addictions are complicated by deficits in basic interpersonal skills. Social skills training allows participants to model and practice interpersonal skills needed to function effectively in work, school, social, and home settings. Many participants are either very self-conscious or reluctant to admit or confront their own social skills deficits. The group is designed to be fun, upbeat and often humorous.

Facilitated by the facility’s chef, participants experience and participate in meal planning and food preparation. Once a week, under the supervision of the chef, participants have the opportunity to prepare an evening meal for peers. The Cooking and Nutrition Group engages participants in a real-life activity that requires social interaction and accountability, while at the same time being exposed to healthy new life skills.

We utilize family therapy techniques to assess family members’ understanding of the issues with Internet and video game addiction.

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