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Technology Addiction Programs

At the Greenfield Recovery Center, we believe that healing and responsible technology use is possible. Our approach to treatment engages qualified clinical partners combined with technology addiction experts to overcome the dependency on technology for information, connection, and direction that triggers some to get trapped in virtual reality.

Participants who have become addicted to video gaming, social media or Smartphones, must re-learn how to derive pleasure from real-world social interactions and activities and to be able to mindfully use the Internet and screen technology. We offer comprehensive, evidence-based practices to help break this dependence on virtual interactions and return the neural pathways of the brain’s reward system to normal.

The Greenfield Recovery Center program immerses participants in nature and outdoor experiential challenges along with facilitated activities supporting independent living such as self-care, cooking, gardening, and meal planning. Additionally, our services extend into assessment and counseling in a neighboring location to support the additional needs of our participants.

The Greenfield Recovery Center program consists of four phases:

  • Phase 1: Usually lasting 2 – 3 weeks, is a “digital detox” where the Participant is removed from access to the Internet and their digital screens and reintroduced to the naturalistic rewards of real-time living. During this phase an emphasis is placed on re-balancing mind, body, and emotions along with good nutrition, adequate sleep, exercise, and social interaction.
  • Phase 2: Engages the Participant in more active social interaction, communication, real-time activities, healthy lifestyle, and education of both the participant and family members on the dynamics of Internet and technology addiction. Focus in phase 2 will be on: managing stress, social skills, learning to cope with boredom, and how to avoid triggers and urges to go online.
  • Phase 3: A step-down phase where Participants are gradually weaned-off the externally imposed structure of the program and assume semi-independent responsibilities, with some reintroduction to technology access while still experiencing the support of the Greenfield Center.
  • Phase 4: The final phase of the program consists of discharge planning, structuring aftercare, beginning to resume a more balanced life which might include work, school, social activities and healthy self-care.

Counseling, Psychotherapy, Medications (if needed), EMDR, and Family Therapies are offered throughout all phases of the program at the Greenfield Center.

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