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Is Your Son Suffering From Video Game Addiction?

Help Your Son Find Success

Fall 2020 Is the Time for Your Son to Break Free from Technology Addiction

Technology addiction has become a growing problem during the COVID-19 crisis. For parents who are putting a son through college during this time, this issue has become even more critical. How can you ensure that your son will be able to break free of his addiction and continue his education? With online schooling becoming more popular, will their addiction become more of an issue? At Greenfield Center, our Fall Program has been specifically designed to help with this situation. Here are some reasons why we believe this fall is the time to get your son back on track:

  • Failure at school can lead to a loss in confidence for your student
  • Technology addiction can eventually lead to broken relationships in the future
  • Letting your son lose another semester to technology addiction could lead to more financial losses for your family
  • Our program thrives on a small group atmosphere. Signing up this fall could ensure their acceptance into our program.

Waiting to find help for your son could result in them falling further into addiction; creating a situation that will be even harder to recover from. Greenfield Center can help your son get back on track, and continue their educational goals while still receiving treatment.

Fall Program Information

Enrollment Criteria

  • Young Adult Males 18+

Program Qualities

  • Personalized treatment (no more than 9 students)
  • Designed to accommodate college courses
  • Social distancing and COVID-19 regulations are practiced
  • Several outdoor activities to experience
  • Licensed technology clinic with therapists and psychologists
  • Located on 19 acres of woodlands and foothills

Phases of Recovery

The Fall Program at the Greenfield Recovery Center consists of four recovery phases.


Phase 1:
A digital detox and introduction to naturalistic rewards.


Phase 2:
An engagement in social interaction, communication, real-time activities, and eduction.


Phase 3:
Assuming semi-independent responsibilities and some reintroduction to technology.


Phase 4:
Engaging in discharge planning, structured aftercare, and resuming a more balanced life.

Our therapeutic experience provides space to focus on the present moment, healthy living skills, and real-time social interactions. The Greenfield Recovery Center sits in a quiet, calm country setting, on 19-acres of private woodlands located in the foothills of the Berkshire and Green Mountain ranges. This experience allows participants to bond and be immersed in nature and outdoor experiential activities as a healthy alternative to technology.

One of the most important aspects of assuring recovery from technology addiction is getting into treatment as early as possible. Our fall program is currently open for enrollment, but space is limited. If you believe you or your son would be a good fit for this program, contact Greenfield Recovery Center today.