What To Bring And Not To Bring

What To Bring

Clothing Items:

  1. Clothes for therapy should be casual and appropriate. Attire that represents drugs, alcohol, violence, gambling, politics, or sexual matter are not appropriate and are not permitted.
  2. Suitable clothing may consist of jeans, casual slacks, T-shirts, skirts, and dresses that are knee-length or longer, jogging suits and appropriate-length shorts (must cover ¾ of the thigh).
  3. Bathing suits should be one-piece for females and board shorts for males. No bikinis or speedos allowed. No high-cut legs, thongs or revealing tops are allowed. Tight-fitted clothing such as sports bras and spandex should be covered with a secondary loose-fitting layer such as a t-shirt or shorts.
  4. No revealing tops, blouses with spaghetti straps or tank tops. Bare midriffs are considered inappropriate. All clothing must not have suggestive tears or holes.
  5. Jackets are recommended according to the season. Massachusetts gets hot and humid during the summer and cold during the winter. Spring and Fall are a mixture of hot and cold throughout the day. Lightweight jackets and sweaters are recommended throughout the year and heavier jackets during the winter months.
  6. All patients are required to wear clean undergarments.
  7. Shoes with socks must be worn when outside of your room. Slippers or socks must be worn when in your room. For all other activities, we recommend flat-soled and comfortable shoes.

Tip: Pack a limit of two suitcases and one carry-on. We provide laundry facilities and supplies. Seven sets of clothing should be more than enough for the duration of your stay. You will most likely not wear clothes that require ironing, but we do have irons and ironing boards available. No dry cleaning will be made available.

*Be mindful that determination of inappropriate clothing and attire will be at the discretion of Greenfield Recovery Center staff. Clothing items considered to be inappropriate will be mailed home at your expense.

Miscellaneous Items:

  1. Electronics: laptops, smartphones and/or tablets. Any screen devices will be held and locked up by staff until phase 3 or 4 and provided as therapeutically appropriate and indicated.
  2. Pre-Paid Debit/Credit Card for access to Personal Funds. Do not bring cash!
  3. Insurance card and identification (driver’s license, state-issued ID, or passport are all acceptable).
  4. No international dialing will be available, so if you must make international calls, please be sure to bring an appropriate pre-paid calling card. Long distance domestic calls will be available.
  5. If you smoke cigarettes, please bring your own (a carton is recommended). Borrowing, loaning, sharing or sales of cigarettes and other items are prohibited. Bring enough of a supply for your own use and/or monies for re-supplying.
  6. Sunglasses and hat or visor or hooded sweatshirts and jackets (to be worn outside only).
  7. Books and other reading materials are subject to review by the patient’s primary therapist. Any materials that are not approved will be sent/mailed home at your expense.
  8. Any electrical items, such as hair dryers, curling irons, electric shavers will be checked for safety.
  9. Living will or healthcare power of attorney to take care of your personal and business affairs while you are receiving treatment. These matters can be distractions from your treatment, and further, you will not have the time or the resources to handle normal daily affairs while at the Greenfield Recovery Center. Please plan accordingly.

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What Not To Bring

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The Greenfield Recovery Center takes great pride in keeping its properties therapeutic and safe for all Participants, staff and visitors. When you begin at the Greenfield Recovery Center, our staff will check you and your belongings in as part of our procedure to ensure the safety of all Participants. Out of consideration for yourself and others, please leave the following at home:

  1. Non-prescription medications (i.e. Advil, Tylenol, etc.), vitamins, herbs or nutritional supplements.
  2. Excessive or expensive jewelry.
  3. Electronics: audio or video equipment including cameras and recorders, etc.
  4. Inappropriate reading material. For example, certain novels, magazines, or other publications may not be brought in. Manga and Henti materials are also prohibited. Relevant books will be assessed upon arrival and it is up to staff discretion as to the appropriateness of the reading materials.
  5. Shoe polish, soap, detergent or bleach.
  6. Glass items.
  7. Straight razors, razorblades, pocketknives, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or metal hairpieces.
  8. Aerosol products, including deodorant and hairspray.
  9. Suntan oils or baby oils.
  10. Products containing alcohol (i.e. mouthwash, aftershave, facial toner, perfume, perfumed lotions, etc.)
  11. Over the counter medications that may contain ingredients for manufacturing or abusing mood altering substances.
  12. Food, snacks, chewing gum, breath-mints, candy of any kind, sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  13. Illegal substances or mood-altering drugs.
  14. Firearms and/or supplies.
  15. Any clothing that is outside of the clothing recommendations as described.
  16. Controlled substances (according to FDA regulations) will be disposed of unless the prescription is ordered by a certified physician at the Greenfield Recovery Center.