Enrollment Process

Our Enrollment Process

Freedom is possible, it takes strength and resilience. We are here to help.

Participants are enrolled in the Greenfield Recovery Center after a telephone screening by a qualified enrollment specialist, and approval from the Program and Medical Directors. Our program is open to young adult males who meet the following criteria.

  1. Clear indications of excessive and/or compulsive use of Internet, video games, social media, Smartphones or other screen technologies.

  2. The online gaming or related technological addictions is causing dysfunction in areas such as:

    • Social
    • Academic
    • Work
    • Legal
    • Health
  3. It is expected that the healing potential exists that can empower and enable participants to return to normal real-time living situations.

  4. The participant’s condition is such that he is able to participate in the program and accomplish program objectives.

  5. The Participant is willing to fully participate in programming.

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The Greenfield Recovery Center may exercise reasonable judgment to decline requests for enrollment to individuals who do not meet the stated criteria for enrollment. The following conditions would also preclude enrollment:

  1. Individuals who are not able to exercise self-preservation in an emergency.

  2. Individuals who have serious primary mental health or active substance abuse conditions that would preclude purposeful participation in programming.

  3. Individuals who exhibit a severe degree of disruptive behavior, by history.

  4. Individuals or families who are not yet ready to acknowledge that excessive Video Gaming or Screen Use has resulted in significant problems in living.

  5. Un-stabilized medical conditions that cannot be reasonably accommodated in a non-medical Retreat setting.

  6. Individuals with active or pending criminal charges.

Participant and Family Orientation

After the enrollment process, program staff provides explanations to participants and their families regarding the following:

  1. General overview of the program.

  2. Rules governing Participant safety and self-preservation.

  3. Arrangements for phone calls and visits.

  4. Arrangements for family participation in the program.

  5. Policies and procedures regarding departure from the program with and without consent.

  6. Scheduling of meetings.

  7. Financial review and payment process.

  8. Facility tour and staff introduction.


Each Participant undergoes a series of screenings prior to enrollment. These include: overall health and wellness, leisure skills and a review of how problematic Internet, video gaming or screen use has affected the Participant and their family.